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Join the community to find out what other Atlassian users are discussing, debating and creating. They work in Firefox and IE 11, although they are slow in Firefox. Has any experienced issues with zScaler and Confluence cloud or Chrome and Confluence cloud?

We're currently on the hunt for a fix. Thanks for letting me know! I have a ticket open with Atlassian - they have been unable to duplicate our issues, but they don't have zScaler on their end of course.

I have shared your response with the tech in the hope that they will begin to look into zScaler If we find anything that helps mitigate the issue, I will share here. If you could do the same, that would be great, thanks!

chrome zscaler

Sounds like a plan! I came here looking to see if anyone else has run into this problem and was pleasantly surprised to see we weren't alone.

I had to check our employee directory to make sure you didn't work at our office as well :. Sometimes it works fine, other times it is completely unusable. Do you see the same behavior?

chrome zscaler

Another good data point, we first noticed it a month or so ago. When I saw your post was dated Oct 3, it seemed like the same time frame.

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It is frustrating because it is hard to reproduce. On our end, they were maybe some sporadic issues when we first moved to the cloud we had been on premisebut things first started to get worse sometime in July or August, but not severe enough to open a ticket.

Our issues in Confluence are reproducible, and occur on pages with images screenshotsor just lots of content like linked JIRA issues. The screenshots seem to be the killer though. So I am wondering if certain content gets caught up in the zScaler filter and either takes a long time to get through or maybe is getting blocked entirely. But then we don't see these issues in Firefox, although page load times are still slow. Interestingly, the problems go away entirely in IE 11!

Hi, I wonder if you can share your Atlassian ticket number.

How to configure inspection of SSL with Zscaler

We have the same issue. I have an open ticket for a performance issue. I have asked Atlassian if this is connected to Chrome and ZScaler but they have said they cannot confirm.

I asked Atlassian to close the ticket last night, which they did. We are no longer having issues with errors because our central IT upgraded us from Chrome 77 to Chrome There are changes in version 78 that may affect how traffic from the browser appears to zScaler or processes through it.These may not work with your installation, depending on how it's configured. This step is required to allow Chrome devices to communicate with a very small set of hosts without SSL interception.

These hosts are specifically used by the device to fetch policies and other critical system information and updates. Save it and make sure you Activate the changes.

All of these hosts need to be included in the whitelist. In the example below, all traffic except RFC to go through Zscaler. Google Help. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Submit feedback. Send feedback on Help Center Community. Google Chrome Enterprise Contact us. Step 2: Set up hostname whitelist This step is required to allow Chrome devices to communicate with a very small set of hosts without SSL interception.

Overrides per-location SSL scanning configuration. Step 4: Find the Custom CA cert which needs to be pushed to the clients. Download this cert and keep it for a later step. Upload the certificate, which should be a.

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Setup proxy manually the first time since the device is not enrolled. Enroll the device in your domain. After you've enrolled, sign in and open Chrome to browse to websites to test your SSL filtering.

You should notice the certificate CA belongs to the one from Zscaler. Was this helpful? Yes No.Ok so here are the details, I want to access sites like youtube, and well just youtube and I tried the https protocol and that didn't work and on top of that there's a bug installed within our computer especially designed to keep us away from changing any of the proxy settings in all of these browsers and I only have these 3 browsers: Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

If possible I would prefer Firefox because of the add-ons that I have with it. And as my last resort I ask all of you on how do I bypass this web filter? I have a mac mountain lion v Best Answer 6 years ago. I used FoxyProxy addon for FF and it worked well with the proxy changing but I still didnt have the required user name password combo to get past the firewall, that is added by IT admin when you have been authorised as a user, so good luck. Answer 6 years ago. Thank you very much, all I had to do was make a new proxy that said "direct connection" you are the best.

IF youre trying to get on Instagram at school or another blocked website just buy a usb and look up portableapps. Reply 4 weeks ago. Reply 4 months ago. If you have a phone, running a hotspot might bypass the firewall and proxy. If you don't try a VPN. If you need any more help feel free to comment at me. Reply 2 months ago. I feel like the only way to get past zscaler is to use a brute force hacking tool to crack the password.

chrome zscaler

If you right click zscaler you can try guessing it. Although you might be able to put a config into place that will allow you. Reply 1 year ago. If you want to bypass the filter than talk to the system administrator. I'm guessing they have youtube and other sites blocked for a reason. But if you can make a good argument for why you need access than maybe they will give it to you.

Answer 4 years ago. I've been working against them, got in trouble countless times and before I was there they didn't even have parental controls on the computers just a web proxy attached to the server, not the computers. Now they have it all, want a list:. So the only real logical answer is an add-on from fire-fox because they also blocked the installing of extensions from chrome. Tags: bypass webfilter web filter zscaler get through internet filter.

Reply Upvote. SkyRiseElite petercd Answer 6 years ago. Chugulant 4 weeks ago.

chrome zscaler

Chugulant personn1 Reply 4 weeks ago. Dahliver 4 months ago. GarrettT11 3 years ago. ChaosS2 GarrettT11 Reply 1 year ago. In windows 10, stop windows firewall services and use opera or edge browser.

KailaS2 3 years ago.We are testing ZAPP in our environment and since installing version 1. What i mean is that IE can access internal sites but cannot access the internet google, ip.

I have opened a case with support but they are not being too helpful. It may be a trust setting in IE? What forwarding mode are you using? At the moment when on corporate and VPN we are simply enforcing a pac file.

Search Engine Security For Google Chrome

When off the network we disable the proxy and IE works. Right now, it looks like an issue with the App Policy. As soon as we change to a more specific one that is enforced to users by a group IE stops working, but chrome and FF functions fine.

It is very odd. Ill DM you my ticket reference. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Zscaler App. Removing the app and reinstalling doesnt help either. Has anyone else encountered this and if so how did you resolve it?

Also, can you please DM me your case number? Cheers, Scott. Just wanted to let everyone know we solved this issue and the solution was a simple one!This Article does look very dated, the UI Screenshots are at least three years old, it seems Google is not maintaining this article.

If you leave the setting at its default Allow user to configurethe user can change the proxy configuration in their Chrome Settings. Never use a proxy means that the Chrome device always establishes a direct connection to the Internet without passing through a proxy server.

Always use the proxy specified below sets a specific proxy server for handling requests from this user.

Leave it empty for any other Proxy Mode setting. If there are any URLs that should bypass the proxy server that handles other user requests, enter them in the Proxy Bypass List text box. Always use the proxy auto-config specified below. Android apps running on Chrome OS. If you choose never use a proxy serverAndroid apps are informed that no proxy is configured. If you choose use system proxy settings or fixed server proxyAndroid apps are provided with the http proxy server address and port.

No other part of the proxy auto-detection protocol is used. It is not possible to allow a host to proxy completely unauthenticated via Zscaler from an unknown location since the Zscaler service would then become an open proxy.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Android infostealer posing as a fake Google Chrome update

Zscaler App. Many thanks, Scott. If you choose. Cheers, Scott.Our research team has recently seen a large amount of activity in our cloud related to an Android infostealer disguised as a Google Chrome update. This malware is also capable of checking the installed antivirus applications and terminating them to evade detection. You can observe that the malware author is using domain squatting to mix up the host name similar to Google updates.

These URLs are observed to be very short lived. Once the user installs the APK, it prompts for the administrative access. Following is the code routine and a screenshot showing this malware getting installed as an app, having administrative access.

This malware payload is capable of checking for installed security applications and terminating them. Web as seen below. Observe following code and network capture showing the registration of infected device. Once registration is completed, the malware monitors SMS and call operations done on the infected device.

It watches all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls. This malware is also presenting a fake payment page for all the major credit cards once the user tries to open the play store.

The malware will show the fake payment page only if play store app is installed. Observe following screen shot. We observed that the fake payment screen crashed on multiple research lab devices which could be due to a bug in the version of the malware payload we are analyzing but we are still investigating.

We are seeing many new URLs dropping this malware actively in the wild.Customers that have implemented private Cloud Enforcement Nodes in their environment: you may need to take into account additional address ranges not represented here. Customers should ensure that access is permitted to data center IP ranges.

Allowing access to only specific IP addresses may result in a loss of service. Added IP Range Added Not in Gateway for Sao Paulo New IP ranged added Added proxy hostname : was Added proxy hostname : mia2.

Added Warsaw IP range Added proxy hostname : tsn1. Multiple Changes Performed. Added proxy hostname : yto2. Removed Atlanta I Changed San Francisco IV Removed San Francisco I Multiple changes performed. Added proxy hostname : lon3. Added Dallas I Added proxy hostname : par2. Added proxy hostname : fra4.


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