Brose drive s mag bikes 2020

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Dec 18, 99 Arizona Ride Levo Comp. Thought I would start a thread to consolidate simple summaries of Brose Mag S failures as mine just failed this past week.

Would seem to not provide assist climbing hills, but come back in when pedal pressure was reduced. Motor got much noisier whilst trying to pedal harder. In the LBS where purchased, now awaiting a new motor. I'll update these details when the repair is complete.

Update: Bike repaired with replacement motor dated Jan 9, LBS unsure of actual failure mode inside motor assembly. Ended up taking 25 days for repair and there was no cost in the end.

Super busy time of year here for bike service. LBS said first couple weeks they were going back and forth with Spesh who was requesting various diagnostic tests before they sent out a new motor. Last edited: Jun 23, Reactions: wepn and kevinlongisland.

Why your LBS takes money from you? It's a warranty issue. Reactions: lumpy. Mcharza said:.Last year, the Brose team announced a new ecosystem of batteries and remotes for its motors. One of these, the Brose Drive S Mag is the motor inside the best E-Mountainbikethe winner of our big group test.

So what makes this motor unique? Before we get into the review, we would like to tell you about our latest print edition.

brose drive s mag bikes 2020

More than pages of extensive buyers advice, tons of eMTB know-how as well as reviews of the 35 most exciting eMTBs and the 7 best motors. Click here for more information or order it directly in our shop! Click here to find out what it takes to be the best eMTB motor. Inside, a belt drive and two sprag clutches transmit the power of the motor. For example, Specialized have put a lot of know-how and manpower into the development of the motor tune to create the most natural ride feel possible for the Levo and Kenevo without dosing down the power too heavily.

In addition, Specialized have developed a complete ecosystem around the drive unit including an app, allowing the assistance modes to be customised and allowing you to activate the extra powerful Shuttle mode. Our big group test revealed that all four bikes fitted with Brose motors had very different handling and characteristics on the trail.

Depending on the specific motor tune and assistance mode, the support can range from unruly and hard to control to incredibly natural, progressive and intuitive. Since last year, Brose have offered bike manufacturers a complete system consisting of a Wh battery, display, various remotes, a speed sensor and of course the Drive S Mag motor itself.

For the display and remote, the choice ranges from a minimalistic LED display to a large, centrally mounted option with an additional thumb-operated remote. Even the housing of the motor is available in two different mounts to offer bike manufacturers as much flexibility as possible for integrating it into their frames.

But Brose also allow custom and third party components to be used and these come fitted to numerous bikes. The perfectly integrated TCU unit and the Mission Control app give customers access to individual motor and cockpit setups. X and paired it with a massive Wh battery, offering a huge range. This offers both great legibility and ergonomics, though the delicate surface is easily damaged in crashes.

The Marquardt Just Drive 3 display is also used on several bikes. No other motor in our test offers manufacturers the same level of freedom as regards the motor tune, integration and app development as the Drive S Mag. As a result, the quality of the system is very dependent on how well the bike manufacturer has implemented it. The motor delivers a lot of power and grunt on all bikes. However, not all manufacturers have achieved the natural and intuitive feel the motor is capable of.

Felix is chief of testing and undoubtedly one of the best test riders in the world. With a degree in sports engineering, excellent mountain bike skills, his love of technology and as a certified bike guide, Felix has everything it takes to make comprehensive and fair assessments of bikes. His legendary group tests are internationally known and feared, though they tend to be a bit longer due to his love of detail and technical deep dives.

Brose Drive S Mag – the best electric bike motor yet?

Every year, he reviews around bikes, specialising in the subject of tires, motors and suspension, before putting on his skis come winter! His know-how is incorporated into each of our reviews, ensuring the quality of our work stays high! Specialized are the paragon which others should follow. Tops powerful with generous torque lots of options for integration no pedalling resistance.

You may also like.Please use the form on the right to contact us, or call We are happy to answer any question about electric bikes that we can. Come in today to browse and a free test ride - try before you buy! Our head tech has over 5 years experience in all brands and types of e-bikes and kits. Electricity Bikes was founded by City Bikes, pioneers of the urban transportation bike shop in DC since Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et.

Curabitur blandit tempus porttitor. Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum nibh, ut fermentum massa justo sit amet risus. Cras mattis consectetur purus sit amet fermentum. Brose uses the same motor for leisuresporty and off road - the tuning is different to suit each experience. Brose S Magnesium motor is almost a pound lighter than the Aluminum version -and available on the model year Levo.

An array of internal sensors means the motor intuitively reacts to the force of your pedaling, so the harder you pedal, the more power it delivers. The internal carbon fiber belt drive design keeps motor noise and vibration to a minimum for the smoothest ride possible. In terms of raw peak power, the Brose S is between the Bosch Performance street and top dog Bosch P erformance CX off road motors - but that is only one part of the ebike performance equation.

Total bike weight is a major factor deriving from both battery, motor and frame supportswhich is where the Brose S starts to really edge out the Bosch, particularly on the even lighter Mag S Specialized 2.

Bosch Performance CX (2020) vs old CX and E8000 - eBike motor test

Anything under 50 lbs feels relatively light, but the real magic starts to happen once a powerful eBike gets down to 45 lbs or less. Brose motors also kick in at lower cadence - you get more power at lower pedal RPMs than the Bosch, so the Brose feels more powerful off the line. Raw power is exhilarating and addictive - but full power all the time can also meaning depleting your battery very quickly, so judicious use of power is something eBikers value more over time.

Specialized uses the S mag in their Levo eMtb bikes. Specialized uses the S motor but calls it "Turbo 1. Contact Us Please use the form on the right to contact us, or call Allow up to 24 hours for a response - we get very busy helping folks in the store! Hope to see you soon! ElectriCityBikes Team. Learn eBike Basics How does it work?

Info Email. Blog content. Brose S Magnesium 2. Brose S 1. Brose S Speed 1. Brose S motors. All Brose S. Specialized Levo Expert Specialized Como 5 Mission Control.

Specialized Vado 5 Mission Control.Your guide to all the most popular mid-mounted e-bike motors on the market, from Bosch to Brose to Yamaha, Fazua and Shimano. Brose, Bosch, Shimano… which has more power, which packs more battery punch, which is more reliable? Our quick guide to e-bike motors has the answers.

With the potential to save around 30 per cent off the price of a new bike, the UK could be poised to see a similar growth spurt in new e-bike sales to that witnessed across the channel in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. E-bike buyers on the continent are walking into stores asking for a Bosch bike or Brose bike, rather than a Specialized or a Trek — the sticker on the down tube carrying less currency than the one on the motor.

So, in this brave new world of motors and batteries, watts and amps, which of the three main suppliers in the e-mtb market is the ultimate super power? This is an easy win for the Brose Drive S-Mag. On paper it produces up to 90Nm of torque and supports your effort by up to per cent.

However, Shimano has just released its brand new EP8 motor that, on paper at least, brings the torque figure up to 85Nm and makes that power a lot more accessible to the rider through brand new software.

Tying for top spot here are Bosch and Brose. Need to get going again on a climb or out of a corner and both of these motors deliver a near instantaneous reaction. Now Shimano has also updated its battery line-up to include a high capacity Wh unit. Shimano also offers Wh versions of its internal and externally mounted power packs. Shimano hooks up a sleek and minimal push-button E remote to a small display unit tucked behind the handlebars.

Another win for the Brose unit here, as its belt-drive internals mutes the whine. Although the new Shimano EP8 motor is similarly quiet. Now the Bosch Performance Line CX is a year old, Bosch obviously feel confident enough in its reliability to unlock an extra 10Nm of power from the unit.

Some bikes may be more prone to water ingress than others, and this can cause issues. This has been a mix of water ingress causing issues with the electrics and connections, and problems with the belt drive failing within the motor itself.

Brose e-bike motor on Specialized Turbo Levo. But, the displays and control units are bulky and awkward to use. On the other hand the new Shimano EP8 is lightweight, smooth, ultra quiet and boasts one of the best rider interfaces on the market. Home Buyers Guide. Bosch Performance Line CX.May 25, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account? Sign up. As far as reliability goes, and measured by the total amount of all the e-bikes out there, warranty issues are on the lower end of the spectrum.

Every manufacturer has an existing support network and tries to fix issues as quickly as possible, and depend on each and every dealer to do their part. That lap test is far from scientifically accurate: bike and wheel weights, tire types and compounds and even outside temperatures, not to forget about rider input, varied.

Apart from that, I am a very lightweight rider, only weighing 55kg lbso the results for other riders will inevitably differ by a more or less significant amount.

brose drive s mag bikes 2020

The rest of the numbers referred to in these reviews relate to my body weight and are not an indicator of how far your bike with same motors or batteries is going to take you. Consider them more of values to compare one system with the other. The more system weight, the less range, up to a significant amount between lighter and heavier riders.

On a side note: No, I have absolutely no problem handling an e-bike with a weight of 25kg, and, even though my math skills are lacking, the bike still does not weigh more than the rider in my case. Since its introduction inwhen it was one of the most compact and lightest motors with a very natural feel to it, its competitors have caught up and even surpassed most of its abilities.

However, it is still a widely equipped option for many top manufacturers due to its proven overall package. Shimano offers external down tube mounted batteries withand brand new Wh. There are and Wh also new options for integrated use, as well as an older bulkier square style of integrated battery with Wh.

Since components between the E and E series can be mixed, there are various options for displays and remotes. On the left-hand Firebolt SW-EL thumb shifters resembling the Di2 shiftertwo paddles let you shift either up or down in mode. Brose Drive S Mag Specialized 2. Essentially designed in cooperation with Specialized resulting in the Specialized 2. The hardware is mostly the same, however Specialized developed their own motherboard and software for the motor management. I have alsp spent a brief amount of time on a BH AtomX Lynx with regular Brose Drive S Mag motor and was just as impressed by its power and overall feel, so I feel safe to say that most of my impressions should be valid for other Brose Drive S setups, even if they shouldn't end up being as sophisticated as Specialized's.

Compared to some other manufacturers, Brose has made it easy for bike companies to customize their motor to their needs with third-party batteries and displays. They also offer a full package of Wh in-frame battery and various remotes and displays. Full mode customization with Specialized's Mission Control app. Smart Control can regulate the power output according to the planned ride distance.

Test lap Turbo mode: Its eMTB mode has been refined, so has the Turbo mode to lose its choppy character. Added to its wide range of batteries was a Wh in-tube battery, next to a version of and Wh.The German ebike motor manufacturers Brose have started a new chapter by releasing their first ever complete ebike system. With immediate effect, the company will be offering its existing Drive S, Drive S Mag and other motors combined with its new in-house displays and battery to offer a complete ebike ecosystem.

Brose motors are much-loved in the eMTB world and are used by more than 40 different ebike manufacturers. Up until now, Brose only offered the motor and manufacturers had to use third-party displays and batteries.

brose drive s mag bikes 2020

While that has given manufacturers great flexibility in design and integration, it can make servicing and warranty cases a little complicated as the responsibility for different components in the system gets pushed between the different suppliers. Brose, who we visited recentlynow has a complete selection of Drive Systems, offering its own Wh battery with seven different motors yes, really!

This also means that Brose is responsible for all servicing and can be dealt with directly for everything. Indeed, a newly developed service tool for bike shops and a newly founded in-house team will offer quick help and assistance when required. Up until now, Brose have offered five different motors which have been suited to different applications based on their performance characteristics, power and maximum support.

All drives offer a very natural ride and produce little sound. Last year, Brose introduced the Drive S Mag with a g lighter and more compact magnesium casing. This lightweight housing is now being used for the other models in the range too.

The new Brose Battery provides, as the name might suggest, Wh capacity delivering 17 Amps and 36 Volts. The battery is x 84 x 72 mm and according to Brose, weighs 3. The battery cells sit inside a black anodised aluminium housing.

Along with the battery, Brose have also developed a mount that is designed to ensure that it is held securely, without rattling, inside the frame. The battery can be secured inside the frame with a lock, but can also be removed from the bike when required. We already caught a glimpse of the three new Brose Drive System displays back in May. All the models have easy-to-use buttons which can be actuated easily. The minimal Brose Display remote relies only on LEDs to provide information about the battery charge and assistance mode.

If you want, you can add on the 3. This, as the name suggests, is mounted centrally on the bars. The Brose Display Allround offers a compromise between the super minimal and the larger option. It consists of a 1.

brose drive s mag bikes 2020

This is why Brose have developed their own service tool with which the system can be easily diagnosed at your local dealer. In addition, the team has been expanded and readied for any future servicing requirements.

Brose, Bosch, Shimano: which ebike system has the most power, punch and reliability?

During the presentation, Brose emphasised the fact that despite the new Drive ecosystem, manufacturers will continue to be able to combine its motors with third-party displays and batteries. The new Brose Drive ecosystem is an important step forward for the German manufacturer and should make the already popular motors an even more attractive option for many manufacturers.

In particular, the new compact Brose Display Remote is perfect for sporty riders and the specs for the new battery are very promising. The clear servicing responsibility in the case of any problems offers extra peace of mind for customers. More than pages of extensive buyers advice, tons of eMTB know-how as well as reviews of the 35 most exciting eMTBs and the 7 best motors. Click here for more information or order it directly in our shop! When work doesn't feel like work, then you've probably done everything right.

He loves biking and the tech talk surrounding it to the detriment of his girlfriend Toniphotography and travelling the world. Of course, he still writes a lot of content himself, reviews almost bikes a year and rides his bike almost every day.At the heart of every e-bike is its motor. There are now dozens to choose from but a small number of brands dominate.

Their top-of-the-range Performance Line CX motor is fitted to several hundred thousand commuting, touring and mountain bikes. Shimano arrived late at the e-bike motor party but has claimed some of the market for itself. It helps that their motors work well with Shimano gears that are found on 9 out of 10 bicycles. There are dozens of also-ran motor systems these days. Some have won a reputation for reliability, others for sheer power. A sorry few for giving their owners and suppliers a lot of problems.

Bosch is still in the running, as is Shimano, Panasonic and Yamaha. A relative newcomer out of Berlin, Brose, is now making a lot of noise although their motors happen to be the quietest of all.

So what is the best of the bunch? Many have challenged for the title.

BROSE Drive System 2020 – motor, display and battery in one cohesive ecosystem

The system, and Kalkhoff bikes, enjoyed massive sales for a time, driven by unmatched power and enormous battery capacity options. But Impulse had its problems with reliability.

But now it looks like a worthy winner has emerged. One that offers something different and distinctly natural ride quality. Loads of power and enormous battery capacities are also a hallmark of this system. Helpfully, E-Mountainbike magazine ran a test with 9 motor systems, and announced the result this month.

It is showing its age though with a lack of customizability unlike some of the open motor systems included herea relative lack of power, obvious pedal resistance, noise under load and sheer bulk. We sold thousands of bikes with this motor over the years with few complaints or problems.

Basically, it does the job for most people and does it reliably well. Panasonic GX 0. Panasonic are one of the e-bike motor originators. Most of the original cohort of Kalkhoff Agattu, Pro Connect and Tasman e-bikes we sold in still work well over a decade and millions of riding miles later. I recall the excitement when Shimano announced their high-end ebike motor for electric mountain bikes.

The E promised more power, performance and fun than the E, which I found felt crude compared with Bosch and Impulse at the time. Shimano unveiled its more affordable E motor system in time for the test. It is, of course, similar to the E, but with a monochrome display and a comparatively modest 60Nm of torque. But the reviewers still preferred this version of Shimano STEPS to the more expensive flagship E, because of its more forgiving and natural ride feel. Counts for a lot, out there on the trail.


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